A land of rugged terrain and diverse people, the Yunnan province in the south of China holds endless wonder and fascination for national and international visitors alike. Some of China’s best hikes, and a collection of well-preserved “old towns” give the region particular versatility and depth. Travel to Yunnan with Ker & Downey to experience this for yourself.

Largely because of its shared borders, Yunnan is possibly the most diverse province in China. Touching Tibet in the northwest, Myanmar in the southwest, and Laos and Vietnam in the southeast, Yunnan bears the fingerprints of many of its neighbors. However, the region’s inherent diversity is just as striking. Even native Chinese are drawn to the region, where 25 of China’s 55 ethnic minorities actively preserve their cultures, through cuisine, celebration and language.

In Lijang, where the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, is surrounded by Naxi villages, which heavily influence its culture. The city is located at division of the Jade River, laced with canals. Every night a bonfire in the middle of town calls locals and visitors to gather and revel. Locals dance and sing, welcoming all to join.

The other major city visitors will want to experience is Shangri-La, not the fictional city, but a lovely municipality that borrowed its name from the fantastical paradise. While not quite as exotic as its namesake, Shangri-La is a great place to see the Tibetan culture mixed with other Chinese minorities, and a countryside still free of commercial intervention.

Those who crave time outdoors will find plenty of space to roam in the Yunnan province. Hiking the Mekong River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, draws enthusiasts of many ages, as does the allure of hot springs at An’ning. For those looking to take a dip in nature, this is the best place in China to do so. In addition to the hot springs, Fuxian Lake is one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the country. Book your Yunnan, China luxury travel adventure with us today.