Don Lorenzo Soriano, who was in search of seaweed to extract a colloid that would help him with the production of hair gel, made his way to Bahia Bustamante in 1953. He soon established the first seaweed village in the world finding that the mass amounts of seaweed could be used for both nutritional and bio medicinal purposes. Today, the land is used by sheep farmers, artists, seaweed harvesters, biologists, and adventure-seekers.

The eco-friendly town turned tourist spot has six quaint Sea Front Houses including two double bedrooms, a fully equipped bathroom, a living room and a peaceful outside terrace overlooking the beach. The five Steppe Houses lay only 650 feet from the shore and include a full kitchen and patio with a barbecue. The property also houses a classic Patagonian-style storehouse which includes a restaurant rich with savory regional foods such as lamb and fish. The Club serves as an activity area for guests to gather and play pool, ping pong, and Sapo. Guests can also visit the museum, read in the living room, and enjoy bar service.

Bahia Bustamantes’ main delight is its vast array of fauna and adventurous activities. The area serves as a natural reserve for about 4,000 sea lions, colonies of more than 50,000 penguins, and 22 species of birds. The rich petrified forests bring geologists and explorers from all over the world. Guests can chose from sailing the Malaspina Cove, penguin and orca watching on the peninsula, walking through the forest, and can even have a hands-on experience on a typical Patagonian ranch. Outings on horseback, mountain biking, and kayaking are also available.

This secluded destination is truly a diamond in the rough. It has been the featured location for filming and fashion photography, and is visited by thousands who enjoy the land for its conservation and environmental qualities. Exploring and staying in Patagonia’s Bahia Bustamante strips away the glitz and glamor of high-end vacation spots and allows vacationers to reconnect with nature and themselves.