March 19, 2020

We have entered a new world — one that is changing by the minute.  As one of the world’s leading tour operators, Ker & Downey is committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff. We are closely monitoring the news regarding the presence of COVID-19 in the destinations where we operate and will amend our approach to travel as necessary.

Naturally, our clients are contacting us with many questions, many of which we hope to answer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ker & Downey’s priority at this time?
Getting our clients home if they are out of the country is of utmost importance.

How is Ker & Downey re-accommodating clients with a trip start date before April 16?
In most cases, we have been able to rebook travelers within the next 12 months with little to no additional fees outside of airline penalties and, in some rare cases, accommodation fees associated with travel in peak season. Please note group bookings and private villas, yachts, and aircraft charters are subject to more stringent terms, but Ker & Downey will make every attempt to keep any fees minimal the best we can.

What about clients with a trip start date before May 15?
In many of our destinations, our partners are allowing guests to defer their trip to a new start date within 12 months of the original start date with nominal penalties outside of those mentioned above.

What about clients traveling after May 15?
Please understand that very few of our travel partners have released policies for clients traveling after May 15. Most are requiring clients make final payment as per the regular schedule found in our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions, which are agreed to by all adult travelers at the time of confirmation, stipulate the payment schedule applicable to your booking.

For clients traveling after May 15, we ask for extra patience and understanding. Our goal is to remain as flexible as possible through this trying time, while also respecting the policies on the ground in your designated country or countries of travel. Many of our partners are currently unable to focus on bookings for travel after May 15 due to high volume, while others are simply hoping travel resumes by then. On a case-by-case basis, we are offering to defer final payments to the latest dates possible, in line with each of our partner’s own terms and conditions.

Should a client elect to cancel bookings for travel after May 15, then Ker & Downey’s standard terms and conditions will apply.  Should the same global conditions (varying worldwide travel restrictions) exist as their travel date approaches, then we will collaborate with our clients to postpone/reschedule travel plans. Ker & Downey will make every effort to work with our partners to achieve minimal penalties.

If I cancel my trip, can I get my deposit back?
Please keep in mind that once your trip is confirmed and advance payment is made, the funds are then used to pay deposits on accommodations, transfers, and touring services. We are not of the practice of holding advance payment on account and cannot offer immediate refunds on any services even during normal times. In addition, very few accommodations and operators are currently willing or able to refund deposit money. We will do our utmost to ensure deposited amounts are carried forward to your new travel dates whenever possible.

Will travel insurance help?
Adding more confusion are the recent changes in policy by many commercial travel insurance companies. We are working with all our partners to stay on top of these developments and will continue to assist wherever possible.

Can I change or cancel my airfare without penalty?
Airline policies are evolving almost daily. As clients need to cancel or change their travel plans, we are evaluating the situation with their airfare (if reserved and ticketed by Ker & Downey) on a case-by-case basis.

Rest assured we will do everything in our power and control to reach an agreeable solution on your behalf. In return, we ask for your patience as we put forth our best efforts in doing so. Our hope is that you will take advantage of any trip deferral options available, as they are truly unprecedented in the travel industry.

Ker & Downey has weathered many storms throughout our 25 year history. No matter the situation, we have remained committed to providing our travelers with the best service and experiences across the globe. Our mission – to add value to your life – is as strong today as it’s ever been.

Here’s to facing this new world stronger together.

Ker & Downey suggests visiting the following websites for the most update, factual information about COVID-19.

World Health Organization:
Centers for Disease Control: