To Our Clients

Each journey is flawlessly arranged to provide the traveler a worry-free experience. Our Ker & Downey VIP assistance, incredible private guides, and fabulous properties all combine on every itinerary. Our luxury travel consultants work hard to get to know each and every client and partner with them to design the ultimate itinerary that will be memorable, unforgettable, and even life-changing.

The country lists found on our website offers assurance to our clients that we have in-house expertise for those destinations. Each of our luxury travel consultants travel to these destination on a yearly basis, if not more. With this white glove expertise, we can recommend properties, transfers, guide services, and even the best location for lunch. This credibility has been our focal point for over five decades. When we say “talk to an expert,” you can be confident that you are.

Our big, beautiful world belongs to you. Many of our clients request adding destinations that are not in our featured line up of country offerings, so don’t be afraid to ask – we will be happy to make your special arrangements. Take a look at our suggested itineraries on the website. While some choose to follow the exact itinerary, over 90% of our clients enjoy customizing and tweaking to fulfill their own desires. Either way, we are here to help you.

Talk to an expert and contact us today.