Stronger Together

First and foremost, I want to start by saying that on behalf of Ker & Downey all of our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this situation – our dear clients, beloved partners around the world and our exceptional staff. While we are continuing to take the situation day by day, know that our biggest priority right now is you and your family.

This year we are celebrating our 25-year anniversary. In that time, we have experienced everything from 9/11 to Ebola. While we do not underestimate the impact of COVID-19, we are also remaining dignified, committed, and determined to make decisions that are based on the bigger picture, and most importantly, you. I want to assure you that we at Ker & Downey will be as flexible as we need to be during this time. While some situations are beyond our control, we will do everything in our power to eliminate as much burden on you as possible. When it seems there is more fear out in the world than rationale, we are committed to listening to you and making a plan together based on your individual travel plans.

We know the desire to see the world comes from a place of excitement. The anticipation, the journey, the experience ultimately produces joy in our hearts when we are able to return home having experienced a new place, or even a familiar place that keeps us coming back. Sitting in a tent in the middle of Botswana is my happy place. It’s a familiar place that seems new every time I go. In times like this, I often think of my place of joy. We know one day this will pass, but what keeps me hopeful is being reminded of the place that brings the most peace, Botswana, and dreaming of the next time I’ll return, which I am currently planning for next year.

When you travel with us, you become a part of our family. The last thing we want you to feel is held hostage by this situation. We are continuing to re-evaluate our terms as this fluid situation progresses including adjusting payment schedules, doing everything possible to minimize the burden of cancellation penalties, and flexibility on making deposit for your next trip. Our designers and entire Ker & Downey team are at the ready to address concerns, problems, cancelations, and postponements. Flexibility is key, and as you know, our door is always open. We are here to help. We are all working around the clock to be as flexible and responsive as we can be.

To reiterate, we at Ker & Downey are here to support you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to call on us.

We are in this together,