Ker & Downey’s luxury Wildlife of Brazil safari brings the same eco-luxe exclusivity and raw natural beauty normally reserved for the African savannah to the wetlands of Pantanal and the rainforest of the Amazon. From beginning to end, nature remains the centerpiece of your 11-night adventure to São Paulo, Panatal, the Amazon, and Catuçaba.

Wildlife of Brazil

Suggested journey at a glance: São Paulo, Panatal, the Amazon, and Catuçaba

Wildlife of Brazil | Luxury Brazil Travel | Ker & Downey

This suggested Amazon safari is just one way to see Brazil on your own customized Ker & Downey trip. Our designers are at their best when crafting a journey unique to you. So contact us to start planning and read on to see one example of what’s possible on a handcrafted trip.

São Paolo

One rejuvenating evening at the Hotel Fasano São Paulo kicks off your luxury Wildlife of Brazil safari in style. After satiating your cosmopolitanism in Brazil’s largest city center, it is time to permanently retreat to nature.


The first stop on your luxury Brazil wildlife safari lies within the Caiman Ecological Refuge in the Pantanal wetland. Not only is it the largest wetland network in the world; it is als home to the highest concentration of wildlife on the American continent. Over three days, you will have direct access to the vastness of Pantanal through Caiman Lodge‘s guided nature walks, canoe tours, and morning, afternoon, and evening safari outings into the lush, mega-diverse biome.



Your luxury Brazil wildlife safari then continues to a private nature reserve in the depths of southern Amazon. While here, settle in at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, a place where enchantment and service take center stage alongside conservation and ecotourism. Arrive at your beautiful jungle bungalow by way of canoe. Then spend four days reveling in the wildlife of Brazil and the wealth of nature found here. River cruises and nature hikes into the Cristalino Private Reserve reveal a variety of endemic, threatened, and endangered species. For example, you can view Brazilian tapirs and jungle cats as well as more than 600 types of colorful rainforest birds. However, the best seat in the house is atop the lodge’s Canopy Tower. Here the jungle comes alive at dawn and dusk–a breathtaking flurry of activity from 15 stories high.



Conclude your luxury Brazil wildlife safari in the heart of rural Brazil. Escape to the green hills of Catuçaba outside São Paulo and an 1850s-era farmhouse. Indeed, this lovely abode comes decked out in mod design furnishings. Plus, the central casarão is always alive with local village women preparing home-style meals from the organic bounty of the property’s 1,100 acre farmland. During your stay, no two days are the same, allowing you to do what you want whenever you desire. Whether you choose to ride around the surrounding valleys, safari through the adjacent Serro do Mar State Park, or dive into the rich culture of one of the nearby historical villages, the conclusion of your Brazil wildlife safari promises to be an authentic and uninterrupted immersion into nature.

Ready to see the wildlife of Brazil?

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