The East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya are always a great pairing for a wildlife safari. Our clients Bill and Suzanne, having traveled to both, share why these Africa safari destinations should be on your travel radar.

Where did you go in Tanzania and Kenya?

We spent one night in Nairobi at Hemingway House, three nights in Masai Mara, and eight nights in the Serengeti.  But all were magnificent and unique in their own way.

Tanzania and Kenya - Here's Why They Go Together - Ker & Downey - Elephant Wildlife

Why Tanzania and Kenya?

We wanted to experience a classic Tanzania and Kenya wildlife safari, the Great Migration, and to have an “Out of Africa” experience. Visiting both these countries on our trip checked all three boxes.

Tanzania and Kenya - Here's Why They Go Together - Ker & Downey - Serengeti Wildlife

Tell us about experiencing sundowners

The sundowners (cocktail hour) was a surprise since we had not experienced it elsewhere. It felt as if we were in a movie. Imagine an emblazoned sunset with the music from “Out of Africa” playing in the background — Bill had downloaded the soundtrack to play at special moments like this during our trip. We had very stimulating conversations about life in Africa with our guide.

What did you love about Mara Plains?

This was our first stop on our Tanzania and Kenya journey. It was where we were really introduced to the concept of game drives and sweeping vistas. Our wonderful Mara Plains guide pointed out the wildlife to us.

Tanzania and Kenya - Here's Why They Go Together - Ker & Downey - Giraffe Wildlife

What wildlife did you see?

There were so many animals in Tanzania and Kenya. We were overwhelmed by how many we were able to view — lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, topis, impalas, gazelles, buffalos, elephants, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, hyenas, baboons, and so many birds. Wow! So it was amazing to witness.

Tell us about your guides.

The guides know how to find the animals and what to look for where. They were committed to giving us a unique experience and to making our trip to East Africa worthwhile. Every guide was engaging, kind, intelligent, and very experienced.

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Why would you recommend someone visit Tanzania and Kenya?

We highly suggest to go if you can. It is the most romantic place for couples to visit together. Having a private guide enhances your safari experience in East Africa and being in an open vehicle is perfect for viewing the wildlife. We are world travelers, yet I never knew Africa was so beautiful and big. I was surprised by how emotional we felt when we saw the beautiful vistas, the enormous scale of the Great Migration, the unbelievable wildlife, and the majesty of it all. We will never forget our moments in Tanzania and Kenya.