Africa-inspired animal leaf and flower art is just the project when you’re looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids. Plus the material list is so simple that this makes leaf art a no-brainer for busy parents.

Africa Animal Leaf Art Materials

Grab your kids and a bucket then head outdoors to forage for a collection of leaves and flowers for your Africa animal leaf art project. Use the opportunity to point out different varieties of trees and plants. The type of leaves and the shapes don’t really matter for this project just grab what you like. Pick up some twigs and acorn caps too as they might come in handy when you are creating your animal leaf art! You’ll also need a glue stick, scissors, and some white paper.

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What to Do for the Africa Animal Leaf Project

Head back indoors and arrange your leaves and flowers on a piece of paper. Adding flowers give your project an extra pop of color. Cover your arrangement with another piece of paper and then top with some heavy books. Let it sit for for a day to sufficiently dry the leaves and flowers.

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How to Put Your Leaf Art Together

Once your leaves and flowers have dried, arrange them on a fresh, white piece of paper. You can cut the leaves if you need specific shapes. You can also paint some of leaves if you want specific colors, or keep it simple and stick with Mother Nature’s palette. Once you have arranged your leaf art animal, glue everything down. Remember those twigs and acorn caps? Try using them as branches for birds to perch on or as an elephant’s feet.

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Under the Sea

Africa isn’t just all Serengeti and South Africa. There’s also a whole lot of coastline to explore from West Africa’s deep history to Madagascar’s quiet beaches. When you go with a marine biologist around the reef flats, you’ll be amazed to find a thriving world of eels, rays, and butterfly fish in the Seychelles. Jacques Cousteau would be in awe if he snorkeled around Zanzibar and Mauritius’ reefs. That’s why we couldn’t leave our fish friends out when we were creating our animal leaf art.

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Teaching Time

And while you are getting crafty with your animal leaf art, you can use the opportunity to teach your kids about Africa’s many animals. We love seeing elephants in the wild, wildebeest migrations, and Rwanda’s gorillas. An African safari may seem far away, but this leaf art project is a fun way to introduce your little ones to the wonderful African wilderness.

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