At Ker & Downey, we think Africa is always a good idea. We asked our staff to share their favorite Africa trips: from the safari experiences in the south and east, to the ancient history in the north, Africa certainly keeps us inspired.


“Venturing to Uganda for the first time as a single female, I was apprehensive and had no idea what to expect. Regardless, I always know I have nothing to worry about when traveling with Ker & Downey. Mahogany Springs was there for me in every way, from being picked up at the airstrip, to being looked after the whole time I was there, I never felt alone. Plus, it’s so close to the gorilla trekking which was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done. I’d highly recommend this property for the traveler who may not be looking for over-the-top luxury, but is perfect for the adventurer seeking comfort, privacy, and excellent service.” – Amy Willis, Graphic Designer & Philanthropy Manager

Ker & Downey Suggested Itinerary: Uganda Primate Safari

Ker & Downey Staff Picks their Favorite Trips - Luxury Travel

South Africa

Liz Biden can do no wrong in my book. So when I had the opportunity to stay at three of her properties in South Africa, I jumped at the chance. My time at Birkenhead House, La Residence, and Royal Malewane was too short and left a longing in my heart to return for a longer stay. Since my trip, she’s added The Silo to her Royal Portfolio, and in May 2019 she opened the Farmstead at Royal Malewane, a new luxury lodge with three luxury Farm Suites and the Farmhouse, a three and a half bedroom private villa.” – Haley Beham, Web Coordinator

Experience the epitome of luxury in South Africa on our Royal South Africa journey. It includes stays at The Silo, La Residence, Birkenhead House, and Royal Malewane. 

Ker & Downey Staff Picks their Favorite Trips - Luxury Travel


“One of my many favorite destinations is Singita Pamushana in the Malilangwe Game Reserve in southeast Zimbabwe. Taking a shower at Singita Pamushana is more than just enjoying a refreshing daily ritual. The views from the shower, located within the cracks of ancient giant granite boulders, perched on the edges of cliffs in front of your suite with a sheer drop down to the Malilangwe Dam, are breathtaking. Beneath me, a fish eagle flew by, while swifts and swallows swooped past on all sides. I felt like I too was flying and thankfully, not off the cliff. This was one of the most memorable showers that I have ever enjoyed.” – Ken Hermer, Designer

We suggest customizing our Zimbabwe Luxury Safari to include Singita Pamushana. In addition to being one of our favorite Africa trips, Zimbabwe is one of our must-sees for 2019.

Ker & Downey Staff Picks their Favorite Trips - Luxury Travel


“Visiting Tanzania for my first safari was utterly unforgettable. I made my way through the central and northern Serengeti during the ‘rainy season,’ and while there was brief rain, it was an enhancement more than a hindrance. The afternoon showers turned the sky amazing shades of blue and indigo as they approached, leaving sunsets of purple and pink when they cleared. ‘Green season’ is a much more apt nickname for Tanzania’s shoulder season; those rains reawaken the post-summer savannah with great effect, refilling watering holes and elephant mud bath pools. During my mid-March journey I was able to see the tail-end of the migration and calving season with plenty of evidence of new life and animal activity, big and small. As a bonus, all that natural color made my photographs look pretty special.” – Katy Heerssen, Content Manager

Ker & Downey Suggested Itinerary: Tanzania Private Safari

Favorite Africa Trips from Ker & Downey Staff - Luxury African Safari


“Alexandria is often overlooked but I think it’s one of the most interesting cities in Egypt; completely underrated! Anyone interested in Alexander the Great has to visit his namesake city as well as Siwa Oasis, an incredibly remote part of the country that was hugely important in shaping Alexander the Great’s future. I also love the contrast between the oases of Siwa and Fayoum – two unique parts of the country that are often overlooked, but worth the journey!” – Nicole Porto, Designer

Ker & Downey Suggested Itinerary: Secrets of Egypt

Ker & Downey Staff Picks their Favorite Trips - Luxury Travel


“Morocco is an enchanting country. A few days there often feels as if you’re going back in time, walking among the old Kasbahs and meandering through the souks enveloped by the scents of cinnamon, cumin, and ginger. Its unique culture and architecture add to its charm and the wonders of the Sahara Desert never cease to amaze me.”  – Jamie Bell, Designer

One of Jamie’s favorite Africa trips is our suggested itinerary, A Journey Back in Time.

Ker & Downey Staff Picks their Favorite Trips - Luxury Travel

There’s more to Ker & Downey’s favorite trips than Africa, of course; click here to read about even more of our favorite trips across the globe. Contact your designer to start planning your next customized getaway.