Asia is too big of a continent to tackle all at once. To make planning easier, we’ve narrowed it down to three of the best places to travel in Asia in 2017.


Look for the Philippines to be an up and coming travel destination in 2017 as more luxury travelers catch onto the allure of the far-flung islands. The 7,000 blue-rimmed islands host activities from kayaking and snorkeling to lounging on sandy beaches.

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Sri Lanka

There’s a reason Sri Lanka is known as the “pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Ancient sites and temples from 2,000-plus years of culture, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, endless beaches, lush rain forests, and elephant-filled national parks solidify this destination on the bucket lists of many intrepid travelers. While safaris through its national parks bring encounters with leopards, water buffalo, birds, and primates, it’s also an ideal destination for relaxing on the white, untrodden beaches or exploring the tea plantations. It seems there really is something for everyone in this exciting, uncrowded destination.

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The flights are long, but once you land in Malaysia you’re greeted with warm hospitality and genuinely friendly people. Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, most evident in its cuisine. Flavors, a blend of spices, and cooking techniques from Chinese, Malays, and Indians combine for vibrant and distinct dishes. You definitely won’t go hungry in Malaysia. But you can also experience other parts of the culture with activities like private traditional batik lessons, a train ride on the Eastern and Oriental Express, or sailing excursions through Langkawi’s islands. These authentic cultural experiences set your journey to Malaysia apart.

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