Ker & Downey’s guide to the best destinations in the world for solo travel.

We get it – trying to find a travel companion that shares your interests and travel styles is difficult! And besides, you’re a lone ranger. Why not go it alone?

Take a solo journey because you need a break. Take a solo journey to pursue a special interest like photography or birding. Travel alone to find yourself. Whatever your reason for solo travel, our Luxury Travel Consultants can help guide you to the right destination.

Himalayas, Nepal

For many, a trek through the Himalayas is the ultimate spiritual journey of self-reflection and discovery. Routes pass through a landscape dotted with colorful pray flags, lush forests with rushing waterfalls and country villages where the people are friendly and monks offer you blessings. For solo travelers looking for a little rugged adventure, a journey to Nepal surely tops your bucket list.

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For the ultimate solo journey, head to Botswana to experience Africa at her best. There are a number of camps you can choose from, but at Okuti, Shinde, and Kanana, you’ll really feel like you’re in a home away from home. The managers and staff welcome you as if you are a guest in their home and the hospitality can’t be beat.

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Salkantay Inca Trail, Peru

Find serenity and community all in one during a once-in-a-lifetime horseback ride through the Sacred Valley. This exciting adventure takes you along the ancient Salkantay Inca Trail, the road less traveled, to the lost city of the Incas. Solo sojourners will spend evenings at enchanting mountain lodges with fellow riders, soaking in the Jacuzzis, enjoying aperitifs around the fireplace, and tasting traditional Peruvian meals. Highlights include swimming in the glacier-fed Humantay Lake, hiking to the “Chakana” to witness an offering to Mother Earth by a local Shaman, descending into the cloud forest of the Salkantay River, and passing through orchards and coffee plantations along the Santa Teresa River Valley.

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Indonesia’s Islands

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia for solo travel, but if you prefer to see a less visited island, head to Lombok just a short flight from Bali. It’s reminiscent of Bali from half a century ago and offers excellent scuba diving. To see a bit of Indonesia’s wild side, head to Komodo, home of the famous Komodo dragons, or Java, to explore its volcanoes and temples.

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Tromso, Norway

The friendly Sami people and their enthusiastic huskies are the only company you need in Norway. Allow the locals to introduce you to their 300 huskies – the heart and soul of Tromso – and to take you on brisk run of Kvaloya Island, one of the largest islands in Norway. Follow your husky ride with a hunt for the Aurora Borealis with your professional Northern Lights hunter guides. With a great view of the skies there is also time to sit around the open camp fire inside a Sami tent and grill sausages and play with the huskies and their puppies.

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Havana, Cuba

There is no better time to visit Cuba than the present. Commercial flights are taking off, the restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars have been lifted, and much of the country still remains untouched by tourism. Solo travelers will especially enjoy an escape to Cuba, as its capital city provides a rich tapestry of culture, activities, and color through which to explore. Whether a table at the Buena Vista Social Club, a drive down the Malecón in a vintage car, or a one-on-one exchange with a local artist – travelers are bound to find new friends and new favorites amid the streets of Havana.

The Best Destinations in the World for Solo Travel


Avoid the crowds in Laos, a country that sees less travelers than neighboring Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. There, you can find tranquility among Laos’ temples, rivers, forests, and mountains in a country that has overcome a history of war, yet retained its culture.

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Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s great outdoors are the perfect place for solo travel. Join a small group of fellow adventurers or simply set out on your own with a private guide who will lead you on an endless list of possibilities, from fishing lessons on the River Spey and sea kayaking with the seals in Arisaig Bay to hiking in the beautiful West Highland Mountains featured in Brave Heart and enjoying a private riverside tasting of local whiskies

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Ladakh, India

To head off the beaten path, journey to the high altitude desert of Ladakh. At 12,000 feet high, the rugged and remote destination invites solo sojourners to slow down and experience the land north of the Himalayas.

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Pašman Channel, Croatia

Just last year, archaeologists uncovered the remains of a large settlement in the sea between the islands of Ričula and Galešnjak in the Pašman Channel in Croatia. More than 2,500 years old, these ruins are still being excavated by underwater archaeologists, but Ker & Downey has access to specialized archaeological tours for people interested in taking part. A perfect bucket list expedition for single travelers to partake!

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Mongolia is one of Asia’s least populated countries. To fully soak in its culture, head there in July for the midsummer Naadam Festival. It’s a three-day celebration of athletic pursuits, musical performances, and cultural displays.

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Solo Travel and the Ker & Downey Difference

Google “solo travel” and a number of sites with tips on backpacking around the world solo will pop up. But traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to carry all of your clothes on your back. At Ker & Downey, we celebrate solo travelers and remove the stress and intimidation of planning a solo trip. We aren’t going to put you on a tour bus with fellow single travelers either. As always, our luxury journeys, solo or not, are privately guided, offering intimate and authentic experiences all over the world.

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