People-to-People Cuba travel allows U.S citizens to travel to Cuba on a limited basis. Dig into one of the world’s most fascinating and up-and-coming destinations with Ker & Downey.

With the recent restoration of full diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, you might be curious about traveling to Cuba. While traveling purely for the purposes of tourism is off limits, people-to-people travel is not. This begs the question, what exactly is people-to-people travel? And how do you do it?

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People-to-People Cuba

People-to-people travel allows U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba for the purpose of participating in cultural experiences, connecting with local Cuban people to learn about their culture, and in return, teaching them about the American culture. It’s an educational experience that is mutually beneficial. When you boil it down, it’s traveling with the intent to experience a new culture, which is why most of us travel anyways!

The difficulty of traveling to Cuba right now also brings the greatest opportunity: Cuba isn’t a top tourist destination, so its infrastructure isn’t as developed as other destinations. But this is where Ker & Downey shines the brightest. We’re already creating people-to-people itineraries in other countries like Tanzania where you can run with a Masai warrior along Lake Manyara or visit with a Mongolian family in their yurt in the Gobi Desert. In Cuba, we turned to seasoned travel partners to help us create unforgettable FIT journey to the fascinating country.

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A Journey to Cuba

Conceived and arranged by our expert travel professionals and partners, our Cuba people-to-people journeys give the traveler an authentic glimpse into the everyday life of Cuba through its people, art, music, nature, and cuisine. Yet, there’s still free time that you can use to further customize your own special trip, creating a truly handcrafted, authentic itinerary you won’t find anywhere else.

Traveling with Ker & Downey to Cuba is hassle-free. Coordinating flights, visas, and meeting locations can be a headache. We’ve taken care of everything for you. Your Cuban visas will be organized by our partners and round trip charter flights out of Miami are included in the journey. For some, a night in Miami may be needed pre- or post- trip. We’re happy to make recommendations for hotels in Miami.

Iconic Experiences

Travelers on our Cuba people-to-people journey will get to participate in incredible experiences that dig deep into the history and culture of Cuba. Try your hand at cigar rolling at a small working tobacco farm, and walk around Old Havana with renowned architect and urban planner Miguel Coyula. His work has chronicled the history of Cuban architecture since the Colonial Era.

Cuba People-to-People | Luxury Cuba Travel | Cigars | Ker Downey

Baseball is Cuba’s national sport. It is a deeply rooted facet of Cuban culture and also a hot topic, as dozens of Cuban players have left Cuba to join Major League Baseball over recent years. Spend an afternoon watching a baseball game and afterwards interact with the players. It’s a chance to engage in a rich dialog, even for those of us who are not necessarily baseball fans.

Among other experiences, travelers can participate in a home-based exchange with Cienfuegos artist Roberto Gil Esteban. His “naïve” art celebrates Cuban’s love of animals, their children, and homes. He will also introduce the group to some of his fellow Cienfuegos-based artists – Carlos Alberto Caceres and Cenia Gutierrez Alfonso.


In Havana, guests will be staying at the Hotel Saratoga. It’s the most coveted hotel in Cuba, and the choice hotel for VIP guests and celebrities. It’s set in the heart of Havana which offers easy exploring and unmatched luxury in a city frozen in time.

Cuba People-to-People | Luxury Cuba Travel | Hotel Saratoga | Ker Downey

Another option when traveling to Cuba on a people-to-people journey is the opportunity to stay in casas particulares throughout the country. Casas particulares are private homes that offer a unique perspective of Cuban life with unfiltered access to Cuban families and a genuine engagement and taste of local life. The ability to engage one-on-one with Cuban families via these vetted casa particulares brings further insight to Ker & Downey’s unique experiential travel to Cuba.

Our Private Tailor-Made Cuba journey is a completely custom, people-to-people style of travel that allows you to choose your own adventure through Cuba.

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