Ker & Downey’s inspiring journeys take you to the heart of a destination via completely unique experiences. Encountering fascinating cultures, going off the grid, and sharing life-changing moments with the ones you cherish: this is what it means to truly travel. Be inspired to create your own experiential adventure, and contact us now to begin turning your inspiration into reality.

ker & downey experiential journeys

Practice Calligraphy | Diverse China

From the “ground operas” of the Old Han to the calligraphy mastery of the Wangche Bouyei, this cultural journey to smaller villages perfectly balances China’s ancient grandeur.

chinese calligraphy

Meet the Himba | Experience Namibia

Interact with the nomadic Himba people of Namibia, recognizable by their ochre adornments, and learn about their daily life in the country’s harsh and unforgiving environment.

himba woman in namibia

Ride Through Khan Khentii | Imperial Tracks of Marco Polo

Get out – way out – riding through the wilds of Mongolia on this unforgettable horseback adventure. The journey ends in China with further exploration of the Silk Road history.

mongolia horseback journeys

Watch a Polo Practice | Timeless Treasures of the Cape

A stunning holiday for explorers of all ages, this journey is tailor-made for lovers of the great outdoors and features unmatched access to the polo grounds and stables of Kurland.

kurland polo in south africa

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