At Ker & Downey, we believe that people matter. It’s the people who make up this incredible company who work to make your journey truly memorable. Over the course of the next year, we’ll be introducing you to the people that make up Ker & Downey. You can also read more about us here.

David Jones joined Ker & Downey in 2004 and serves as our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His love for travel led him to start his first travel agency when he was only ten years old and though he only arranged one trip for himself and two friends from Seattle to Portland, it launched his passion. Today, his travel journal is jam-packed with destinations, including Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Central America, and the Middle East.

david jones
Favorite place you’ve traveled: Adrere Amellal in the Siwa Oasis, Sahara Desert, Egypt.

Favorite city and why: Tbilisi, Georgia. I like it because it has managed to keep its unique character for centuries. Castles, fortresses, and a medieval historical center blended with phenomenal food and wine and ultra modern architecture.

What is the best thing about traveling: Meeting the locals in each destination and establishing longtime friendships.

Travel accessory you can’t live without? iPhone

Favorite plane ride activity: Sleeping

Top of my travel bucket list: Sanaa, Yemen

Two weeks + and unlimited budget, where are you going? Dos Lagos Lodge in Chile, Easter Island followed by Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. With a private jet, I can do all of this in two weeks.

easter island
Beach or mountains: It used to be the mountains but now, the beach, as long as it is private.

How do you take your coffee? Black (Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee, is my favorite)

If they could bottle your personality what would the label read? Open with caution

Two things I can’t live without are: God and Family

It’s Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I’m not sleeping, I’m: In church fellowshipping with friends.

My favorite physical activity is: Working out

One thing I love that everyone else dislikes is: Civet coffee

The first thing I do when I wake up is: Go work out

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is: I don’t paint my hair

The last concert I went to was: Georgian Polyphonic Men’s Choir in the wine region of Georgia.

tbilisi georgia
My favorite toy to play with as a kid was: Tonka Dump Truck

If I could instantly learn a new language, I would learn: Arabic, then Georgian

What’s inspiring you lately? My wife’s art.

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