The Great Pyramids have long inspired visitors to make the journey to Egypt. These marvelous structures are a steadfast reminder of the country’s resilience and long history. As part of our Africa Bucket List series, we invite you to rediscover the timeless wonders and treasured beauty of this proud and affable culture. Embark on our Exquisite Egypt journey to uncover the many must-sees, from Alexandria to Cairo and the banks of the Nile to the shores of the Red Sea. Visit with us and find an atmosphere of hope and a country poised to return to its former glory as a leading bucket list destination.

pyramids of giza

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano

The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria is a elegant accommodation which takes maximum advantage of the stunning ocean views, and provides guests with an experience unrivaled in Alexandria.

Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

Escape to the lush banks of the Nile River at Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor, an opulent 19th-century palace and the location where Agatha Christie penned her famed novel “Death on the Nile” in 1937.

“I would absolutely take my family back. Even before we traveled last year, Egypt had spent several weeks in the news. Our family was well-taken care of and never felt nervous or unsafe the entire time we were in Egypt.” – David Marek

“Egyptians are fun loving people and are VERY protective of the overseas guests. You will find they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable.” – David Jones