At Ker & Downey, we get a thrill from sending curious and eager travelers to discover the corners of our big, beautiful world. Giving our best starts with that first phone call or email, manifests in our obsession over the details, and keeps up with our commitment to hand-crafting the perfect custom journey. Check out a handful of our picks for the unique experiences our world has to offer, and contact us to share your travel dreams. Let us show you how we give our best with each experiential journey.

Giving Our Best

Best Links – The Golfer’s Bucket List

Balance time on the green with time in the wilds of South Africa, playing unforgettable rounds at a few of the top 10 courses in the country, including #1 ranked Leopard Creek Golf Course.

Best Chill – Fire & Ice

Experience the frozen waters of Perito Moreno, one of the world’s only growing glaciers, and end with a different kind of chill while lazing on the beach at the resort hot spot Punta del Este.

Best Mystery – Path of the Polynesians

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Polynesians, starting with the mysterious moai of Easter Island and continuing on a route through the culture-rich sites of French Polynesia and New Zealand.

Best Spirits – Scotland’s Water of Life

Scotland and her isles welcome those in search of the world’s best whisky on this privately-escorted journey through eight distilleries and the historic landmarks of the enchanting countryside.
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