The end of the year is just around the corner. How do you want to finish off 2013? Maybe you want to travel to a new destination or start a new family tradition that includes a hand-crafted Ker & Downey journey. Recently we asked some of the sales team at Ker & Downey to share their travel experiences from this year with us and, to get in the holiday spirit, some of their special holiday traditions. Below Liane talks about her journey to Norway this year and her family’s holiday traditions.

This year I reconnected with family and the land in Norway, venturing to several areas in the coastal Southeast and along the West coast in Fjordland. I spent time in Kragero known as the Pearl of the Coast and came to understand why Edvard Munch spent much time there and was inspired to paint so many works. Standing in the spot where he painted his famous aula frieze “The Sun” installed at the University of Oslo, I realized how connected we all are. We seek to make dreams come true in journeying to places, engaging the people and capturing possibilities. Travel impacts us in so many ways and is the gift that keeps on giving: it provides growth and depth of personhood and develops our spirit, presents opportunities for insight, ignites our imagination, cultivates friendship, peace and understanding.

As I look ahead to the rest of 2013 I can’t help but think about the upcoming holiday season. My family and I enjoy selecting different recipes from around the world each year, gathering the ingredients and concocting a meal. We find it is a strong symbol of admiring the grand variety in our world and being open to new experiences that await us to seize in the new year. I experiences the Christmas markets in Cologne, Germany during Thanksgiving weekend this year. I have been to Germany during this time in the past and was looking forward to returning – it is such a special time there and connects you to the traditional spirit of this particular holiday season. It is a unique time to travel as the markets have just started, have limited tourists and a lot of locals out and about, and it is a different way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family!

*Photos above by Anastasija Skabtsova

Meet Liane

Growing up surrounded by the travel industry, her passion for people, places, and travel was molded at an early age. Significant influence happened when Liane went on a tennis exchange for a summer in High School to Denmark and Sweden – she knew then that she would be involved in international education as both her vocation and avocation moving forward. Liane spent time interning and taking classes in the UK to earn her Masters in Higher and Postsecondary Education, and completed part of her Bachelors degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in the UK, Western Australia, and Asia. She has lived and worked in the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Norway. She lead an international project outside Prague to develop a farmhouse into a living museum and also taught mid-level managers Business English throughout the country. While in New Zealand she worked for the same youth exchange program she attended as a teenager and traveled throughout the two islands presenting, interviewing, and recruiting. In addition, she assisted various projects at the Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery in Gisborne. In Norway, Liane worked with music and art festivals in Bergen and Oslo.

Liane believes in crafting and offering her clients a truly educational and memorable lifetime experience, and her collective experiences offer a unique strength and valuable asset to Ker & Downey and its clients. Outside of the office she enjoys creating art, singing, photography/film, sailing, and still actively plays tennis as well.

For more information about including Europe or any other destination on your next Ker & Downey journey, please contact your Travel Professional.