The end of the year is just around the corner. How do you want to finish off 2013? Maybe you want to travel to a new destination or start a new family tradition that includes a hand-crafted Ker & Downey journey. Recently we asked some of the sales team at Ker & Downey to share their travel experiences from this year with us and, to get in the holiday spirit, some of their special holiday traditions. Below Jamie talks about her journey to Zimbabwe this year.

Each year I look forward to my next adventure, and now another wonderful year is almost gone but with great memories. This year was spent going to Zimbabwe with my son, now 18. People will ask me, “How many times can you visit Africa and see elephants?” I simply reply, “When you have a love for Africa like I do, it’s never enough.” After traveling to Africa at least 15 times I’ve found each country is unique in its own way – the terrain, the camps, the cultural experience, and of course the game. You never know what you are going to see and it is always different each time. Taking my son along with me helps me relate to clients who travel with their children, and knowing what will interest them and the education they receive along the way. I will always treasure seeing Victoria Falls again, this time through the eyes of my son and enjoying the time with him taking photos and laughing as we got wet by the “Smoke That Thunders.”

I love sitting in my office at home and admiring all my African artifacts from my travels, each one with a special meaning. I look forward to the next trip I can plan for my clients and hope they too have fond memories of their journeys whether it be Africa, South America, Asia or Australia and New Zealand. Planning family vacations and honeymoons is special.

As the year comes to an end I look forward to the holiday season, with Christmas being my favorite time of year. Keep in mind December is also a wonderful time to plan a vacation with family and friends and you still have time! Or perhaps over the holidays start thinking of where you want to go next year whether it be for your honeymoon, taking your kids somewhere on Spring Break or summer vacation, celebrating an anniversary, or just wanting to explore a new area of the world. There are so many reasons to travel. Ask me about my gorilla trekking, going to the Galapagos, visiting Morocco, or my amazing Nepal Trek. Many clients have already contacted me and made plans for 2014 and I look forward to hearing from others soon.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Bell has been with Ker & Downey since 1991 and has traveled to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands as well as visiting Morocco and trekking in Nepal. She has had the pleasure of taking her son Chance to Africa, the Galapagos, Peru and Ecuador. She was able to experience the joy of watching her son partake in the rare African safari experience and horseback riding in Peru, both experiences that so many of her previous Ker & Downey clients have been able to share with their families. There is no doubt about Jamie’s expertise and love for Africa!


For more information about including Zimbabwe or any other destination on your next Ker & Downey journey, please contact your Travel Professional,.