Ker & Downey President David Marek and his wife Gana are currently traveling in Kenya and documenting their trip with updates and photos on his Facebook page. We’ve compiled them here for you to follow along. Check back for more updates from him.

Thursday, July 11 – Just back from first game drive at Great Plains Mara Toto. Saw leopard and cub on a kill and the female leopard make another kill. Got pics of her pulling it up a tree. Will upload them when connection is better.

Leopard with his kill

Friday, July 12 – Amazing night and day at Mara Toto. I love tents in the bush. The sounds of lions, hyena, jackal, of a Bushbaby running on the canvas…and then the sounds of the wildebeest. Awesome. Saw lions and cheetah this morning with the cheetah attempting to make a kill. This evening we sat in the vehicle beside three lionesses just before sundown. Then one by one more lions, young and old surrounded us. Just at sunset we had 15 lions on three sides of us, all within 15 yards. Then the male called in the distance for the females and in unison the females answered. I swear we were so close the vehicle vibrated when the females answered. Incredible feeling. I’ll post pics later as wifi is a bit slow.


Lions for blog

Male Lion in the Gras

Saturday, July 13 – Lions and hyenas both made individual kills last night near camp. The sounds they make after a kill, especially the hyenas…sounded like high school boys at a beer party…fighting one minute and laughing the next.

Followed a huge male lion at first light today while he scent marked his territory. He was calling for his female “posse” but they were having none of it…so he kept looking. Had lunch in an area called “rhino ridge”. It’s an area that you can see for 10 miles! Beautiful rolling savannah in every direction…hundreds of zebra this direction, thousands of wildebeest that direction, elephants on top of that hill. Hemingway could do the site justice, not me.

On way in for lunch stopped at the river as wildebeest were starting to cross. A couple hundred crossed when out of no where a lioness grabbed one and took it down. The crossing crossed no more but started up again 500 yards down river. We sat and watched 10,000 wildebeest cross the river. Don’t really know how to describe it. Those that have been here know what I’m talking about. You truly must see it for yourself.

Wildebeest Crossing for blog

Gana stayed in camp this morning and was reading a book when a hippo walked in the river in front of her…15 yards away. A retreat into the tent was in order.

Watched 4 cheetah, one mom and three young ones, take down a Thompson Gazelle this evening. These guys are fast. So in 70 plus trips to Africa I had never seen a kill. Saw leopard kill yesterday and saw a lion kill AND a cheetah kill today. This place, Mara Plains camp is special!

Sunday, July 14 – Sitting on our deck at Mara Plains Camp and was having a sundowner in the form of a Tusker beer. In front of me lies the endless African savannah with wildebeest from east to west. When off to my right there is a gap in the wildebeest I pick up my bynos to see what caused it and see the four cheetahs looking for some African fast food. They make two attempts to kill but were not successful. The speed and grace of theses cats is something you must witness for yourself. Finished my beer. It’s a great day in Africa…


Mom and Baby

Tuesday, July 16 – Breakfast with Daniel in The Mara. Daniel’s greatest fear growing up was with Cape Buffalo. He told the story of taking his families cows to water at noon in a very dry period and all animals were using this spring. An old buffalo came and chased him up a tree. Eventually his cows made it home and his family just knew he was eaten by a lion. They set off to look for him. Daniel occasionally tried to climb down the tree but the buffalo kept chasing him back. He spent the night in that tree. The next morning the buffalo gave up and left so Daniel hurried home. His family had a party when they saw their oldest son was alive. Keep posted for news on how Daniel became a guide.


Pandemonium at the Mara river crossing today. Didn’t post the gore, but suffice to say it got ugly. My sweet wife could not bear to watch. This iPhone photo is not great, ill post a better image tomorrow when we have wifi.

Mara Crossing

Wednesday, July 17 – Went on a walk with Richard on my last morning at Mara Plains. Imagine setting off into a sea of animals and having them part at your arrival. Then you hear the hyenas as they finish their breakfast and then watch them lope off in that funny little lope they have. And then watch those same hyenas steal the kill of four lions. Off in the distance you see the retreating lions, you see a bull elephant having a morning drink, the Thompson’s and Grants gazelles are busy wagging their tails, and everything is as it should be. Our journey here is winding down. But I’ll be back. Africa does that.


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