Uganda is a landlocked country in East-Africa. It shares borders with Kenya on the East, Sudan on the North, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the west, Rwanda on the southwest, and Tanzania on the south. Notably, the southern part of the country is home to a major portion of the Lake Victoria.

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The inhabitants of the country were Bantu speaking hunter-gatherers until perhaps 2,300 years ago. Arab traders moved inland into Uganda in the 1830s and their religion quickly spread throughout the country. In 1888, the United Kingdom named the country a ward of the British East Africa Company and it was ruled as a protectorate after 1894. As more territories and chiefdoms were integrated, the final country of Uganda took shape in 1914. The country gained it’s independence from the United Kingdom on October 9th, 1962.

Due to the large number of ethnic groups thrown together in the former colonial territory,  Ugandan culture is remarkably diverse. During the era of British colonialism, settlement by Europeans was not allowed. As such, most of your travel experts will be natives, leading to a more authentic adventure. Of course, this does not mean Uganda is a dangerous destination. Rather, it means there are greater opportunities for delight and of course, frustration. This is a real African country, the smoky urban bustle of Kampala bursts at the seams then gives way to lush subsistence farming and small villages. The roads are rough and gravel-hewn and the people are friendly.

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Most travelers to the country come for the gorilla safari, but other major draws include birding, trekking the forest reserves and visiting the Nile’s source at Lake Victoria. Ker & Downey offers a wonderful leisure travel adventure to Uganda via our, Pearl of Africa itinerary. While in the country, adventurers will lodge at the incredibly lush Gorilla Forest Camp in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


The Gorilla Forest Camp is a true paradise in Africa. It is a permanent luxury tented camp in the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This exclusive camp is easily one of the best locations from which to participate in exciting gorilla trekking adventures. Furthermore, it offers breathtaking views of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. In a review on, a visitor to the camp states:

Upon arriving at Gorilla Forest Camp we were served drinks and given a refreshing towel as the lodge facilities were explained to us. GFC’s main lodge has a large bar area and dining room that looks out over a large green lawn. You can’t see too much from the main lodge as there is large tree line blocking the view of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. However, this does allow for various monkeys to entertain you by swinging from branch to branch and even climbing onto the roof of the gift shop.

After the orientation, we were shown our room, which was really nice (Weaver room). It had two large beds and a bathroom area attached to the back of the tent. We were a little weary of the lack of mosquito nets in the room though. Being at a high altitude, there’s little to no risk of malaria, but we still aren’t fans of insects in our bed and a bug net or an option to have one would have been nice.

The bathroom at GFC is nice looking, and there was a separate room with a bathtub as well. I can’t say that we felt too relaxed while in the bathroom as it is attached to the tent, but there’s a large gap between the walls and the tents ceiling which made it really easy for a variety of large bugs to fly in while we were brushing our teeth, showering or using the bathroom.

One of the things that GFC has going for it is their food. We were cooked incredible meals and we were also given a choice as to what we would like for dinner, which was nice because we could order different things and share the food. Really good food – you won’t be disappointed.

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