The ‘Red Center’ is a colloquial nickname given to the Southern Desert region that stretches from the Simpson desert to North of Alice. Notably, the Red Center is where you will find Australia’s most famous monolith: Uluru. The only town with any sizable population is Alice Springs, a town founded first by Aborigines then resettled by Australian explorers. The Arrernte Aboriginal people settled in the Central Australian Desert in and around Alice Springs more than 50,000 years ago. Their name for the town is Mparntwe.

Alice Springs Corroboree

The Arrernte country is spotted with mountain ranges, waterholes and gorges. Naturally, the Arrernte people set aside conservation areas where various species are protected. Of further importance, there are many sites of traditional importance in and around the area, including: Emily Gap, Billy Goat Hill, Heavitree Gap, Azac Hill, and Mt. Gillen.


Red Center is most noted for the great many places of interest to discerning adventure travelers. The Uluru, for instance, is the Red Center’s most famous National Park is undoubtedly Australia’s most recognizable natural icon. Rising more than 348 meters high, the monolith has untold cultural importance for the traditional aboriginal owners, the Anangu people.

The Museum of Central Australia is an interpretive center for Central Australia’s natural history. The exhibitions explore the unique features of the region in a typically Australian fashion. Displays show the evolution of of the landscape and creatures that inhabited it; featured is a replica of a local paleontological dig – an ancient waterhole with amazing megafauna including a giant freshwater crocodile and the largest bird that ever lived, Dromornis stirtoni.

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While in Uluru, you will stay at the world famous Longitude 131° tent camp where luxury and spectacular views provide for, quite possibly, the most spectacular accommodations  on earth. A user on TripAdvisor says of Longitude 131°:

We just got back from Ayers Rock, & i must say Longitude 131 is fantastic! It is everything you want and everything you need! First you are welcomed at the airport by a staff member then driven out to the resort, once there you are welcomed into the ‘Dunehouse’, which is somewhat breathtaking. The rock looks amazing no matter what time of the day. The staff are fantastic, they all honestly want to help you with anything you want! Dinner under the stars is such an amazing effort by all the staff! The stars are so bright! After dinner stories of the sky are told around the campfire. Breathtaking. Everything is included, food, wine, tours and of course your ‘tent’! The food is amazing, our chef, Mark Marshall, was fantastic, his passion for food is amazing! Very talented! Remote controls [are] in the bed headboard to raise and lower the shades for a sunset or sunrise view of the Rock. Lots of extras, from warm ponchos (useful for sunrise hikes), robes and slippers, Bose CD player and CDs, flashlights, shoe brushes outside the door. We were met at the end of a sunset hike by staff serving us champagne, cheese and figs – lots of extras like that.We will return, not just for the sight of Ayers Rock, but to see the staff, dine on the food, and drink some lovely Australia & New Zealand wine, Fantastic!

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