Botswana is one of Africa’s most developed countries. As such, it offers curious travelers a “best of both worlds” scenario in that the country offers travelers the true African safari experience in the context of a developed nation.

Travel to Botswana

On the first day of our, Wonders of the Okavang itinerary, travelers arrive in Maun, Botswana and whisked away to an awaiting light aircraft in which they are then flown across the Okavango Delta. After your aerial tour, you are taken to Kanana Camp, a pristine lodge in the inner reaches of the delta. In a buoyant recommendation on TripAdvisor, a user describes their trip to Botswana (and Kanana Camp) via Ker & Downey saying:

My husband and I have been to Botswana three times, always through Ker & Downey. Great company, everything worked like clockwork, people to meet our flights, etc. The fact that we rebooked with them twice after the initial trip should speak volumes. I don’t know who you’re working with there, but we had Jamie, and she gave us the BEST advice, really figured out “who we are” and what we’d enjoy and was spot-on. She convinced me to include 3 days at their more rustic “Footsteps Across the Delta” camp, and we’re eternally grateful to her for that.

There, we primarily walked, and learned so much about the Delta, the animals, how to track, etc. Not as many animals encountered on foot, but much more intense and thrilling and personal an experience. This camp has been our “common denominator” on all three trips, we just love it! However, if you need en suite flush toilets to feel comfortable, Footsteps isn’t for you!

We’ve stayed at both Shindi Camp and Kanana, both are wonderful. Although Shindi is perhaps a bit more “luxurious”, you won’t feel deprived at either! Even though the game viewing was probably superior at Shindi, it was certainly good at both and we found we prefer the atmosphere at Kanana, hard to explain why and this is a very personal, subjective thing anyhow. Shindi is more “polished” and the main dining/lounge structure is certainly spectacular (built into and around a huge tree, all polished mahogany or teak), but there was something very sweet about Kanana that defies explanation… perhaps it had to do with the staff all gathering at the entrance as our 4-wheel drive pulled up, to sing a welcome song to us.

Also, Kanana is a bit smaller and seems to be less booked up than Shindi — we liked having only 4 to 8 other guests in camp with us, it just felt more congenial and personal. The food was comparable at both (very good). And they both had small pools for cooling off in the “siesta” time of the day, when no game activities are scheduled. Both camps have great water activities (pending time of year) as well as game drives. At Shindi it was possible to opt for a game walk, too.

What other camps are on your itinerary? We’ve stayed at most of the Ker and Downey camps, also some of the other camps that they cooperate with. Will you spend any time at Chobe park?

You will be in good hands with Ker and Downey, and you will fall in love with Botswana. We thought our first trip would be our “once in a lifetime”, and find ourselves being drawn back again and again. (It’s been 2 years since our last trip, and we’re dreaming of returning).

Travel to Botswana

After leaving Kanana Camp, you will head to Moremi Game Reserve where you will stay at the Okuti Camp. Of note, the Moremi Game Reserve is regarded as one of the world’s best locales for photographic expeditions. The reputation has been cultivated by years of diligent care and protection. Further, experienced game drivers accompany every traveler on their forays to ensure that the experience is professional and personal.

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