Top Ten Things to Do in Rwanda

One of Ker & Downey’s Africa specialists Sara Kramer just returned from a three-week trip to Tanzania and Rwanda where she trekked gorillas and got to know some of the locals. Below are her top ten things to do on your journey to Rwanda.  

10. Visit the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village and try your hand at making Sorghum flour.

The Iby’lwacu Cultural Village was set up as a way to curb poaching and increase conservation efforts by providing a way for ex-poachers to make an income and support their families. A visit to the village offers a change to participate in the community’s daily activities and provide a hands-on experience while learning about their culture and traditions.


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A Day With Gorillas

Sara, one of our Africa specialists, and her husband Robert just returned from a trip to Tanzania and Rwanda where they had the opportunity to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. She recounts her experience below. 

The day started fairly early with breakfast and a warm cup of Rwandan Coffee. Depending on where you stay in the Volcanoes area the procedure for the morning departure will be a bit different but at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, we were fitted with gaiters and handed a snack to pack in our backpack before setting off to the Volcanoes Park Gate, a drive of about a 20 minutes, with our guide Johnson.


The Great Outdoors: Wings and Fins

Our world is teeming with wonders to discover, and whether searching for winged wildlife by air or angling for game beneath the water, Ker & Downey encourages travelers to look beyond the land-based dwellers and expand their understanding of the wild world.


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Giving Our Best

At Ker & Downey, we get a thrill from sending curious and eager travelers to discover the corners of our big, beautiful world. Giving our best starts with that first phone call or email, manifests in our obsession over the details, and keeps up with our commitment to hand-crafting the perfect custom journey. Check out a handful of our picks for the unique experiences our world has to offer, and contact us to share your travel dreams. Let us show you how we give our best with each experiential journey.


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Exciting News for Ker & Downey’s Nets for Africa Program

Each year Ker & Downey employees work to provide mosquito nets to communities most in need in Africa. These insecticide-treated mosquito nets reduce the life-threatening effects of a mosquito bite and are saving lives across the continent. This year Ker & Downey has some exciting news regarding the distribution of the donated nets.


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The Grand Explorer

Discover the United Kingdom and Ireland in incredible detail on this grand 25-day journey. Explore the best of London’s lively streets with private tours and exclusive access to historic sites, hike the cliffs of Moher with a conservationist, taste whiskey on the Island of Skye, and golf at St. Andrews. With a private guide and driver throughout, it’s the best way to explore all that the United Kingdom and Ireland has to offer.


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Fun in the African Sun

If sun, sand, and safari are on your mind lately, Seychelles and Kenya need to be on your travel watch list. Embark on a journey across two of Africa’s contrasting landscapes – the powder-white sands of the glorious Seychelles and the rugged isolation of the vast Kenyan bush with our 13-day journey. Enjoy idyllic moments in the surf and reflective game drives through the wilderness, both offering their own brands of relaxation and wonder.


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China Rediscovered

From the ancient monuments on every must-see list to the quiet beauty of the hidden countryside, China has a character and appeal that takes several trips to discover completely. Ker & Downey’s reimagined China suggestions marry the best of the heavy hitters, like the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, with the secret treasures of the country’s natural landscape and culture.


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World Traveler: John Robshaw

To tuck into John Robshaw’s bedding, pillows and textiles is to feel aloft, engulfed—even transported. Who better to ask about the art of travel? Robshaw began his career studying traditional block printing in China and India. He ended up traveling the world and building a formidable brand synonymous with wanderlust, luxury and the uplift of artisan communities, from Vietnam to Bolivia. Along with a new textile collection, Robshaw recently collaborated with Cisco Brothers on a sumptuous line of sustainable furniture that effortlessly mixes and matches structure with his plentiful patterns. By Martine Bury

John Robshaw

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