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Travel has its share of rewards and frustrations. This past September my wife and I were traveling through Tanzania, where I was hoping to knock off one of my bucket list items: fishing for tiger fish in the Malagarasi River of western Tanzania. Unfortunately, we had to change plans and decided instead to spend some days in the Lemai Wedge region in the northern Serengeti. My negative feelings quickly turned positive as we got lost in the amazing scenery and wildlife of the diverse area.

The locations in this edition of BESPOKE – Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique, New Zealand, Brazil, Zambia, and Scotland –can cause travel headaches that are beyond anyone’s control. Just think back to a flight you missed in the States, and then picture that missed flight being in an unfamiliar place like the Congo or Mozambique! As seasoned travelers, we like to think that we’re the intrepid ones where these little headaches are concerned, but faraway locations with fewer flights tend to add to the drama. I myself am a rather nervous sort when it comes to traveling. For that reason, when we send clients on any of our bespoke adventures, whether they’re headed to the Malagarasi River or the Highlands of Scotland, we make sure that they’re met off the airplane and escorted through immigration and customs wherever possible. Those VIP stalls at passport control? They aren’t just for government bigwigs! Ker & Downey clients enjoy them as well. And while on your trip, if something unexpected happens, we’ll take care of it. If you’re a nervous traveler like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extra attention.

This February, I had the privilege of participating in a workshop on the development of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Gorongosa was once known as Africa’s Eden due to the quantity and variety of large mammals in residence. The Mozambique civil war of the 1970s practically wiped out all the animals, and poachers soon took those that were left. Enter Greg Carr, a guy with a vision to restore the park to its former glory. In early 2004 he started translocating game into the park from other areas in an effort to build up the depleted herds. He also began developing a science lab on site and brought in researchers and scientists to assist him in executing in his vision. In July of this year, a new Asilia luxury lodge will open to start rekindling tourism in the park, and Ker & Downey has made a commitment to the park’s rebirth and success. Look for more news of this great adventure on our website and in our e-newsletters. Want to be one of the first to meet with researchers and do hands-on research? Contact us. We’ll make it happen – it’s what we do. – from “Letter from the President” by David Marek

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