Experience living amongst the delightful sounds and colors of an Argentine jungle, but with the luxuries of a top-of-the-line hotel by staying at Posada Puerto Bemberg. Located in the Province of Misiones along the Paraná River, guest can plan to relax in the treetops, explore the mystical jungle, or unwind by sipping some of the finest Argentinian wines. This secluded paradise retreat will rejuvenate, inspire and romanticize a vacation of a lifetime.

Property Details

Built in 1940, the Posada Puerto Bemberg grew its roots on a 939-acre strip of land where the family company SAFAC once lived. The company had a long history as being one of the founding companies to cultivate yerba mate, tung, and forestation in the Province of Misiones. Surrounded by tall bright green trees, vivacious colorful plants, and the sounds of nature, this natural reserve combines the luxury of hotel accommodations while still being able to enjoy the fruits of nature.

The family-style hotel has 12 spacious, colonial-style Superior rooms, one Deluxe guestroom and a Suite with a private balcony overlooking the Paraná River. All rooms are fresh and inviting, boasting its tropical décor, bright colors and native furniture designed by local artists. In addition, each room has its own library, private patio, and large windows to ensure that a perfect view of the lush jungle is always in sight. In the main house, a living room with a library of 2,500 books focused on Argentinian and Latin America art and literature are available for reading. Accompanied by a classic grand piano, this area serves as a great space for guests to relax and learn more about the region’s culture.

One of the biggest highlights of Posada Puerto Bemberg is its impressive wine cave. Containing 1,600 bottles consisting of 60 labels from 20 different wineries, the cave houses some of Argentina’s best wines. Nothing tastes better with wine than a savory, home-cooked dish. Posada’s divine restaurant embodies the colors and flavors of the surrounding jungle, as many of the fruits, vegetables and spices come from the property’s personal 65,000 square-foot farm and vegetable garden. The combination of fusion and signature cuisine is sure to delight, and some star menu items include the Chipá, Misiones antipasto, pacú and of course, the yerba mate ice cream.

Upon exiting the hotel, a world of nature and relaxation awaits. From welcoming swimming pools in the middle of the forestation, to peaceful trails, living amongst a jungle has never been more luxurious. View the park’s 5,000 native trees and plants from a 65-foot watchtower or walk among the treetops on a peaceful sheltered deck high above the property. Since Posada was founded on nature conservancy, it has created a harmonic and respectful way to operate within the vegetation that grows around it. The development of sustainable tourism has been a big part of the success of the hotel. Some other activities available to guest include fishing in man-made ponds, bird watching, boat rides down the Paraná River, jungle trekking and so much more. Spend a few hours in the Jesuitic Spanish garden or take a day trip to one of nearby towns. The area is well-known for its glorious natural waterfalls in Iguazú Falls as well as its many yerba mate and tea plantations.

Posada Puerto Bemberg Mansion

Set apart from the main hotel is the Posada Puerto Bemberg Mansion, the private home of the hotel’s owners. Spacious, isolated, and outfitted with its own staff and chef, the mansion is one of the country’s finest exclusive-use accommodations, available to discerning travels while the hosts are away. Ride around in a private old fashioned car, dine on the private garden-enclosed patio, and enjoy the jungle from an exclusive vantage point.

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